Museums in Jokioinen

The Narrow Gauge Museum (Kapearaidemuseo)


The Narrow Gauge Museum is situated in the Minkiö station. You can find out about the history of railways, look around the carriages, and see the steam engines which are also running on summer Sundays.

Open daily from 7th of June to 14th of August between 11 am and 6 pm
Address: Minkiön asema, Kiipuntie 49
Information: Minkiö railway station, tel. +358 3 4333 235; outside opening hours, Jussi Tepponen, tel. +358 40-552 5322
Entry fees: adults 4 €, children from 6 to 16 2 € (a guided tour of the museum premises is included in the price)


The Nail Museum (Naulamuseo)


The Nail Museum is temporarily closed.

The nail factory was established in Jokioinen in 1804. The factory manufactured nails, barbed wire, steel cable and sheet metal. The manufacture of nails continues to this day.

The Parsonage Museum  (Pappilamuseo)


The provincial governor E. G. von Willebrand built the parsonage out of clay and straw in 1800, but it had to be covered immediately with bricks because the materials could not survive the Finnish weather. The museum preserves evidence of the ways of life in a country vicarage in the mid-1800s. The collections also include mementos of Miina Sillanpää’s life and pharmacy equipment from the 1800s.

Open during the summer (June to August) on Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm to 6 pm
Address: Vaulammintie 2, Jokioinen
Information: Stiina-Liisa Pirkkamaa, tel. +358 50-592 5863
Voluntary entry fee


Jokioisten kunta

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Faksi 03 4384 025

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